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Common Roofing Errors

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A roof is much more than just a place to keep the rain off. A properly built and structured roof will enhance the appearance of any landscaped garden area or entrance. Keeping it look fresh and in good standing however, can lead to many mistakes or worse, having an inexperienced roofer doing work on it. Read on to learn about how to avoid some of these mistakes on your roof that can lead to a roofing leak.

Reusing Old Lead Flashing

Flashing is the main fixture on your roof that prevents moisture from getting into critical places of your home like the chimney or air vents. Unprofessional roofers can sometimes cut corners and reuse old flashing when they should, in fact, be replaced with new ones when fixing or replacing your roof.

Covering Over Damaged Tile Instead of Replacing

The correct way to fix or modify a roof is to pull up all the old tiles and replace them with new ones. However, many contractors will attempt to overlay newer tiles or patch up the old ones. This is actually just creating more places for your roof to collect moisture, dirt, and mold. Covering old roof tiles will decrease the lifespan of your roof, and ultimately result in more issues over time.

Hammering A Nail Into A Tile Incorrectly

It’s crucial that nails are placed in the correct location when fixing roof tiles onto your roof. If nails are placed incorrectly, it can severely impact the structural integrity of your roof. Nail heads should not be exposed, and instead should be tacked in firmly and overlapped by another tile. If they are not appropriately covered, they can rust and corrode, breaking down the slate tiles and the roof.

Incorrect Overhang

While roof tiles hanging over the side of your home can create a certain aesthetic appeal, if done incorrectly, the tile overhang can result in additional problems. For example, if improperly done, wind can get under the roof tiles and result in damage to the roof.

All these potential mistakes highlight the reason why it’s so important to hire a professional like Roofing Dublin – TC Roofers when looking to complete roofing work. A certified and insured roofer knows how to address these problems correctly, so there is no mistake made, and your roof is back to brand new. Ensure that your contractor does not make these common mistakes, and is educated enough to avoid them.

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